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People are confused about the police. As a group they have a better behavior than journalists. When you call 911 the managers say call about anything. A cop says only if it is an emergency. A real one. Not when you don’t get a hot coffee at McDonalds. And experience bears that out. Police will respond quicker if the situation is violent. Especially domestic violence.

The problem is not that police are brutal. It is that it takes forces to react to the brutality of society and people get swept up in authority by objecting foolishly to a police presence. City council could easily remove offenses from the enforcement books like jaywalking, prostitution, pot possession. But they don’t. The legal system could stop overfelonizing non violent crimes. But they don’t.  Congress could allow ex cons to own guns and vote. But they don’t.

We set up a lot of people to fail. It is not the police fundamentally doing that. It is conservative and progressive legislators. Each for their own set of narrow-minded reasons.

We can re think what justice is. Lets make the rules of engagement fair for everyone.  Lets understand that the real violent people here are not the police. They are the people joining protests against the police because it fits their selfie narratives of drug abuse and crime.  Solve addicts and police brutality will go way down.

Divide your police into Barney Fifes and Andy Griffiths. Promote one type and manage the other type.